Stop smiling in wedding photos

In typical Indian weddings, the couple gets horribly tired of smiling in all their photos being taken.

I am not talking about the romantic photos of the couple being clicked. They are bound to be full of heavenly smiles and beaming love eyes.
It's about the photo that every single relative, guest or group of friends clicks with the couple and as much as the couple is happy capturing these memories, their cheeks are dying from the forced polite smiles they have been giving all day long with everyone.

If that sounds like an exaggeration, then try smiling for more than a hundred times in a couple of hours and see! Almost every married couple has told me after their wedding, about how much their faces hurt from giving too many smiles.

So I came up with this idea of not smiling in my photo with the couple to spare them from the pain. It has the potential to be a real revolution!
This might not be such a novel idea, but I don't see enough people doing it.
Everyone always wants to express how happy they are with their huge wide smiles. All I am saying is to take a break.

I tried this in the last few weddings and the results were ground-breaking...

(Seriousness in all it's glory)
(Some of us are smiling here but the couple isn't which is important)

So cool, right? Not bragging, but I don't remember seeing something like that in wedding pictures in a long time.

So the next time you attend a wedding, I urge you to ask the couple to NOT smile in the photos you take with them.
Just tell them to give a straight serious face. Actually, it's not necessary to give a serious face, you can make crazy faces too.
At the same time, I urge those who are planning to get married someday, to be honest with your friends, cousins or anyone who would understand this and request them to chuck the traditional smiles for once.

Believe me, if you do this thing then the couple's cheeks will thank you for giving them a chance to drop their guards and loosen up in their hectic wedding. Plus it will be a unique memory that lasts forever.

You can use the hashtag #StopSmilingInWeddingPhotos when posting such pictures online to support and spread this movement.

Do your bit for your friend's facial muscles!